August 2017

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Welcome to Real Time Wargame Rules from  Bernie, Brian, Gareth, Keith & Martyn

Why the New Website?

Well as you probably know Keith is spending more and more time with his range of flocks, tufts and terrain for the railway modelling world. While still doing a great many wargaming orders, he thought it was time to pass on the processing of the wargaming rules to someone else.

This has however given me the opportunity to:



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The Rules so Far (Click on Link for specific set of rules)

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All the Real Time Wargame rules follow the guidelines noted below:

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Painting and gaming going on very well for Gareth’s Italian Wars game which we will be displaying at Salute in a few months time.

While we have trialled the game with both our usual flocked mdf bases and also an old  flocked cloth I have been so impressed by the printed terrain cloths, particularly the ones with a rubber backing that we are going to use them at the show.

The colour is a bit vibrant but a quick spray of a matt varnish soon tones it down. It is very durable does not crease like the cloth variant and can be stored more easily.

Made a foray with some mates to join in on a splendid Very British Civil War Megagame with the Pennine Megagamers up in Sheffield. VBCW is a brilliant alternative history world set in the late 1930’s caused by Edward VIII not abdicating over Wallace Simpson! A civil war ensues between the King's supporters, Mosley's Fascists, a variety of socialist parties and the church militant. The first picture of the main map with a variety of field commanders and Dave Boundy, the machiavellian Archbishop of Canterbury in the centre.

The second picture of some of the political officers - sensible socialist players surrounding Becky Ladley of Megagame Makers who was brilliant playing a fascist! No Pasaran! Also present second left is Nigel Howarth who has been helping playtest and design games with Streatham & Tooting Gamers for 30 odd years!


Gareth has been spending time with a professional printing and design company to convert our latest design and artwork that looks far more professional.

While he was doing that I have been feverishly painting figures, encampments and making casualty figures. The last by the simple expedient of removing the bases from unwanted figures and gluing them onto penny coins. Keith has been brilliant by painting and bases a few villages for us as well

We did three games in the day and the battlefield system worked so smoothly that we were able to get some of the Salute attendees to join us for one of the battles

The cloths from Deep Cut studio were very robust, quite cheap and sorted out the problem of uneven tables which is the bane of putting games on at shows

If this wasn’t enough Gareth has also created a Facebook Page for all things Real Time Wargaming - And a splendid job he has done too - as this is all largely beyond me!

On the Facebook Page you can find a whole album of pictures of Gareth’s three games at Salute.



Gareth has had a torrid time with the printers and only half the cards were delivered in time for Salute. They have been sent on now to our customers who got the rules at Salute. They are however beautifully done and the following images show what you get in the Art of War Rules which are now available to buy at £25 + P&P.



As a break from figure gaming I’ve been doing my maps and flags for my Russian Civil War Megagame in October for the Centenary of the Russian Revolution. I’ve got 80+ players and control for the day and should be a great event as it is a fascinating multi-sided war.


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