August 2017

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Welcome to Real Time Wargame Rules from  Bernie, Brian, Gareth, Keith & Martyn

Designer of many of the innovative battlefield rules that we do. Also famous for his throw away line on the Boer War set of why not make it all from the perspective of the Boers thus cutting out all the design problems we were having. Can design a game in a morning and funnily enough they can be some of his most brilliant designs, such as his Ireland 1798, ECW for 2nd Newbury, Italian Wars.

Been a member of  South London Warlords since 1970’s and Megagame Makers & Chestnut Lodge Wargamers since their inception. Loves his board games, especially “Touch of Evil”

I have known Brian for 35+ years and first met him when he taught a wargames evening class on game design back in the 1980’s. Despite being a Geordie 40 years in London has modified him somewhat.


Designer of “For Lords etc” our Wars of the Roses rules and an upcoming set “High Minarets” of the 1973 Arab-Israeli Wars shown at Salute & SELWG last year. Also working on our first ancients set on the Greek Wars.

Been involved in Medieval/Dark Age Re-enactment for many a year but I think he has finally packed it in due to pressure of work and a warm bed.

I have known Martyn for 30+ years when he wargamed purely in 25 mm having extensive WofR, FPW & 7YW collections. He is now concentrating on 10 mm & 6 mm. Currently living in Kent


Gareth is the one driving fellow gamers on like some manic slave master  at our show games. Has just completed his splendid set on the Condottieri of Renaissance Italy. Is currently looking at Dark Age Warfare amongst many other topics.

I first me Gareth aged 11-12 at a local wargames club. He did a splendid sci-fi game on Star Wars after only a few weeks with his own design and has been gaming and designing ever since. Probably has the most extensive range of board games. Currently living in Suffolk, but works up in the smoke.


About Us

Older English blokes are not good at talking about themselves - but here goes!

All of us have been wargaming in a host of scales and types of games (board, Megagames, role-play even live role-play) for decades. All are passionate about the hobby, the presentation of visual games and with simple as rules as possible. For the Real Time rules they have been involved with they have followed Keith’s requirements as shown on the home page. Some of the most difficult elements has been the reduction of game clutter as so many rule sets seem to love it.

So in Surname Order............

I tend to do the campaign systems, maps, game aids and the write-ups - so apologies for the English –, being a “Scouser” it is my second language!

Game with Keith & Martyn, as well as Streatham & Tooting Wargamers and Megagame Makers for which I have written a few games.

Been gaming for 45+ years and while Don Featherstone got me going, it was Charlie Wesencraft’s rules which really appealed as he gamed at army level, which seemed to remove so much clutter from rules design. Currently living in Dover, Kent.


Recently retired from running Realistic Modelling, the well respected terrain company for wargamers and railway enthusiasts alike. Now spending more time with his family but still gaming on Franco-Prussian, Dark Ages, WWII and Boer Wars.

I have known Keith for 30+ years and when he set up his trees and terrain making business I was stunned by the quality of his work and feeling for trees and nature. In an earlier age would probably burnt him for being a follower of the “Green Man”. His main wargaming interests are ACW, Boer War & Renaissance.