August 2017

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Wargame Rules for

the Mahdist Wars in the Soudan

The game covers both the punitative Egyptian Columns & Gordon Relief Expedition of the 1880’s and the final eclipse of Mahdist State with Kitchener’s campaigns in late 1890’s. Thus the Imperial forces will get better as time goes on while the Mahdist forces will stagnate or get progressively worse.

As this was a war fought with two different sets of aims and types of forces, the two sides use different mechanisms and have different victory conditions. What we hope to portray are those times when nothing much seems to happen followed by very intense ones where everything seems to happen at once.

Scope: Included is a set of wargame rules to fight typical battles of the period.

Book: It consists of a 27 page Ring bound rules with colour cover with b&w content. There is a two-page playsheet (one for the Early Wars of 1880’s and Late Wars of 1890’s), which is also the back cover.

Game Aids: You will need 2 packs of playing cards which will be used for the number and type of Mahdist forces as well as a means of working out the game length.



Base Size


Infantry Coy

25-30 x 20 mm

Company of 80 - 100 men

Cavalry Squadron

25-30 x 30 mm

Squadron of 60 - 80 Horse

Artillery/ Machine-Guns

25-30 x 30 mm

Section of 2 guns or M/G’s

Mahdist Foot

30 mm circular base

100 - 200 Foot

Mahdist Mounted

30 mm circular base

50 - 100 Cavalry or Camels

Early War Spear & Sword Rub with 6 flags making it a frenzied hard-fighting unit.

At the back a Cavalry unit.

British Camel Regt at the front.

In second line a combined naval battalion of 2 Marine and 2 Sailor Companies.

At the rear a  Squadron of Lancers and pack camels.

Egyptian battalion at the front, A Sudanese Battalion in the second line. At the back 3 artillery and M-G Sections.

At the front a Column Commander, Naval officer and Foreign Observer

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