August 2017

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Wargame Rules for

the Second Anglo-Boer War

The game covers the battles of the opening phase of the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1901, particularly those battles where the Imperial forces attempted to brush aside Boer positions on the road to relieve plucky British garrisons being besieged by the dastardly farmers.  

With hidden deployment, inept and over confident British forces this could make for a very uninteresting looking game with very few of your beautifully(!) painted Boers on the table and tricky game systems to force the British to behave as they did historically even though they would know the result of a slow frontal advance against dug-in Boers. The answer was quite simple - only play the Boer side and have the Imperialist pre-programmed.

The Boers themselves have enough friction among the various commandants in their pre-battle council of war as to deployment and battle plan to make for an interesting game. This means all the figures can be deployed on the table rather than be hidden under it as the Imperial plan is randomised as to forces and plan of attack.

Scope: Included in the pack is a set of battlefield figure rules for two or more Boer players to face the might of the British Empire.

Book: It consists of a 23 page Ring bound rules with colour cover with b&w content. There is a one-page playsheet, which is also the back cover.

Game Aids: One A4 page of Imperial Battle Orders.



Base Size




20-30 x 20 mm

Company of 120-150


20-30 x 30 mm

Squadron or Mtd Inf Coy of 125-150

Artillery/ MG’s/ Pom-Poms

20-30 x 30 mm

Section of 2 guns/ machine-guns


30 mm circular base

80- 100 Boers

2 Boer Kommando units. One at the front with a pair of guns attached. The individual mounted officer represents their field-cornets who provided the low level leadership to the units. The casualty markers show which bases have taken losses.

Imperial Artillery.

Field battery of 6 guns at the front and a Heavy Battery of 4 at the back.

Imperial Infantry Battalions.

At the front a battalion in Close Order - bases all in one line - good for assault but poor at firing.

In second line a Battalion in Open Order - staggered bases - good for firing but prone to going to ground.

At the back a battalion in reserve and awaiting to be deployed.

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