August 2017

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Wargame Rules for a County-Based Campaign

in the English Civil War

The English Civil War when gamed at County level gives great opportunities for gaming this fascinating period. You have the problem of controlling areas for your cause, denying them to your enemy and yet always at the whim of the King or Parliament in providing the great central field armies with resources. The great National events of the great battles or the support of the Scots or the arrival of the great central field armies as they maraud through your county make for a most unpredictable game.

The novel battlefield rules emphasise the limitations of command and allow the games to flow fast such that they are often over in a couple of hours or the time they would have been fought in reality.

Scope: Included are a set of battlefield figure rules for fighting up to 6,000- 8,000 men with a full colour Campaign system to fight the war. Thus your battles will have a context of when and why they were fought. There is also a system for fighting one-off battles.

Book: It consists of a 46 page Ring bound rules with colour cover with b&w content. There is a two-page playsheet (one for the Campaign System one for the Battlefield), which is also the back cover.

Game Aids: 2 A3 colour maps of Worcestershire, 2 pages coloured campaign & control, Resource and Calendar Chart, Off-Map forces table, and sheet of Fate Cards.


Base Size



30 x 30 mm

50 men



30 x 30 mm

25 troopers


25/35 mm x 25/35 mm

Pair of Guns

Forlorn Hope

30 mm circular base

25 musketeers


Heavy & Field Artillery in defences.

The Pendraken guns and crew are especially fine models

King Charles I:  1 Flag as military ability is 1!

Large Regiment of Foote: The flags denote it effectiveness

Dragoons: Mixture of Pendraken, Miniature Figurines & Magister Miletum

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