August 2017

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Paris The City of Light

“"Dell'arte della guerra"

"The Art of War" Wargame Rules For

Campaigning in Renaissance Italy

The wars of the Condottieri in Italy in the late fifteenth century in Italy were a fascinating series of almost permanent wars and shifting alliances amongst the five largest states in the peninsular. It was all to come to an end in 1494 with the Great French invasion and the start of the Italian Wars.

Gareth has designed a novel campaign system using strategy and force cards to create these wars across a flow chart on which the army counters manoeuvre, besiege fortresses or fight battles. Included is a fast-flowing battlefield set of rules emphasising the two schools of war of the Sforza and the Briaccio and the importance of heavy cavalry. Reserves and many other features of the period.

Scope: Included in the pack is a set of army level figure rules with a campaign system to fight the wars in Italy. Thus your figures battles will have a context of when and why they were fought. There is also a system for fighting one-off battles.

Book: This consists of a beautifully printed 48 full-colour book! A real game-changer in production!

Game Aids: There are over 100 full-colour medium and small double-sided pre-cut cards showing forces, strategy and battlefield cards! There are also three charts for the campaign system and even full-colour playsheets.

All-in-All a real tour de force by Gareth



Base Size



20-40 x 20 mm

100 crossbow / spear/ arquebus etc


20-40 mm

40 Gendarmes or 50 other cavalry

Dragoons/ Hussars

20-50 mm Oval

50 Stradiots or Mounted Xbow etc.


20-40 mm

Pair of guns

Gendarmes a la Briacci in checkerboard formation of 250 knights and lots of officers!

Army Camp

An Army getting ready for battle

Albanian Stradiots. In search of loot!

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Spear & Shield Unit of 600 men