August 2017

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Welcome to Real Time Wargame Rules from  Bernie, Brian, Gareth, Keith & Martyn


Well the site has been up for a month now and I must thank everyone for the comments and the sales which have so eased the burden of Keith having to despatch the rules. Some of you may also be aware that Keith’s mum is very poorly at the moment and this has disrupted orders for Realistic Modelling.

September has been a busy time for me as well:

I had the pleasure of taking part in a cracking ACW game up in Suffolk using “Regimental Fire & Fury” with 15 mm figures at the home of John DZ using Keith’s splendid terrain.

Click on the picture for a slideshow of pics from the game.

This week have also been up to London for a two day conference on the Waterloo Campaign for the Waterloo 200 event (click on picture below for further news) at my old university and department  - King’s College War Studies Department. Excellent series of lectures and it was so good to see the department in such a vibrant condition with world renowned professors.

It was a really inspiring event and it was nice to bump into my old friend and wargame buddy Jean-Marc Largeaud who was giving one of the lectures. I also had the pleasure of having a chat with Charles Grant over wargaming in general and the sad news of the death of Don Featherstone in particular.

We have begun to prepare a project for 2014 Salute of a 10 mm game on the opening campaign of the Great War. Provisionally titled “Home By Christmas”  It will be geared towards corps level actions and will have a campaign system to go with the battlefield rules. So far two German Corps have been completed using Pendraken figures and a very nice range they are too!

Click on the picture for a slideshow of pics from the German Corps we have done.

This coming weekend, Saturday 21st September, will be the next Megagame for the 200 anniversary of Napoleon’s  last campaign in Germany in 1813 - “Master of Europe”  by Brian Cameron & Jim Wallman of Megagame Makers. This is the fourth time it has been played and it is a fascinating mix of operational level map game and alliance politics. Click on the link for details if you are interested in taking part.

This Sunday I will be up at Newbury Racecourse for Colours 2013 Wargames show as a punter, but will hope to see some fellow gamers and of course the Pendraken team.


Finally we are still working on “This War Without an Enemy”

our English Civil War campaign and battle rules which will be on offer at SELWG 2013.

Pictures of the try-out game at the recent Sittingbourne show can be found on clicking on the picture to the right:


We did however do a couple of shows in October…

SELWG at Crystal Palace was as good as ever, I am not sure but thought numbers were down slightly and it was a pity Pendraken Miniatures were unable to attend as I would have bagged them a number of sales for their ECW range. Good to speak to a fair number of you as we also had in attendance Brian who for once was not at a railway show! As many are aware my entire file with the rules for “This War Without an Enemy” were lost, including playsheets, counters and maps. The loss of the latter was a real pain as my map designing speed is very slow.

At the show my camera then also decided to go on the blink and so the pics are from the Sittingbourne show from a few months earlier, but you get the visual and gaming effect we are trying to do.  

Click on the picture for a slideshow of pics of the game

We then finished the month by attending the small “Legion” show in Sandwich. For something different we played a couple of battles of “Glory & Honour”  Seven Years War battles.

The first once involved the Prussians v the French with a contingent of the Reichsarmee. The 30,000 Prussian’s commanded by Gareth beating my 40,000 with ease.

After a sit down lunch! (Rare at shows) we did a more brutal affair of 40,000 Prussians v a combined army of 30,000 Russians and 20,000 Austrians. A real bloodbath with heavy losses all round and the Prussian’s finally able to repel the Allies by committing their third line, who then sullenly withdrew.

Excellent time.

Click on the picture for a slideshow of pics of the game

November saw a rerun of Richard Hands’s “The Die is Cast” on the infighting in the Roman Republic at the time of Crassus, Pompey & Caesar. Excellent game and mechanics.

I enjoyed myself as an Armenian Prince of no great fixed loyalties who ended up in the Parthian Camp and somehow survived and prospered.

See website for games for 2014: These include games on: the Somme, Renaissance Italy, August 1914, Classical Greece and Successors of Alexander the Great

The project on the Salute 2014 game continues apace. Last month we showed a link to pictures of the two completed German Corps. This month the French corps was completed - very nice they are too - the model of the French 75 is especially fine I thought. Pendraken might also be bringing out more figures for the early period of the Great War in the not too distant future. Check their website for details.

I am now currently working on a British corps as well as a couple of brigades of cavalry. These should be photographed and ready for the December update. Then it is on with a Belgian Division and lots of wagons (lorried and horse-drawn) as well as some playtesting of the rules.

Click on the picture for a slideshow of pics from the German & French Corps we have done.




Welcome to the latest update!

December has allowed me to press on with redoing the English Civil War set  (still ongoing I am afraid) but has allowed me to complete the painting schedule for the rest of the Allies, refugees and supply vehicles for the August 1914 game.

As there are now so many pictures I have broken these down into folders for the Germans, French, British & Belgians/Refugees & Supply Wagons.

Most of the figures are from the extensive Pendraken Range with additions from Irregular Miniatures

Click on the picture for a slideshow of each force (British, Belgian, French & German)



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