August 2017

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Welcome to Real Time Wargame Rules from  Bernie, Brian, Gareth, Keith & Martyn


Welcome once again!

Keith and Realistic Modelling is as ever very busy. He has already done a number of shows, including two in Tonbridge. Below is a picture of his stand at the start of Cavalier Wargames show.

For those of you who play Megagames, no less than three of us are at the next one. Brian is having another outing of his Renaissance & Reformation game in March, Gareth is playing one of the French generals, while I am playing Emperor Charles V, who had the multiple misfortune of having to deal with rise of Protestantism, Turks from the East, French in Italy and of course various Dutch and Peasant revolts. See link for other upcoming games.

At long last the “This War Without an Enemy” English Civil War Rules are out. You can get them at shows we are at: Tunbridge Wells, Salute & Sittingbourne are our next three or click on the link to purchase on-line. The rules come with a campaign system set in Worcestershire. Brian has been very pleased with his system, which has motivated him to look at doing the war at the national level using the same figures but using a large figure scale of 1 base to 100 foot or 50 horse. We will let you know how he gets on…..

I do not usually mention the wider gaming world, but would just like to mention the nice article that Paul Stevenson did on Charlie Wesencraft in the February issue of “Miniature Wargames”. He was an inspirational author for me as a  kid and I still have his Practical Wargaming & “With Pike & Shot”. On re-reading them recently it was amazing how fresh and modern his ideas are even now, when compared with much else on the market.


Well April was of course SALUTE. Stupendously busy show as ever. Good to see lots of the usual suspects from wargaming past and present, including someone from the Western Front Association from Canterbury who I did not even know was a gamer! The “War Without an Enemy” display went very well. We were able to fight three battles  on the day, as well as shop and chat. So all in all an excellent day. Thanks to Gareth once again for running the games in his own inimitable style.

Click on the picture of a slideshow of pics from the day - the only pics that did not come out were some shots of the map and counters included in the game, but they are seen in the background. Good to see Pendraken Miniatures being very busy. Keith as ever sends his apologies, but he was at a two-day railway show the same weekend taking lots of tree and terrain orders.

The main gaming event in May was Jim Wallman’s inspirational “Watch the Skies” Megagame set in the near future in a world faced by a possible Alien Invasion.

Very thought provoking and made more so by a group who filmed the event! They have provided a great impetus for the upcoming games in London on the opening moves of the Great War in the west: “Iron Dice” & the Successors of Alexander the Great: “Funeral Games”. There is also a game on Ancient Greeks in the heroic age “Of Gods & Men “ in Leeds in October.


June for Keith and me is the Sittingbourne Wargame show on 8th June. For once we are both at the same event. We usually put a game on as well, but due to lack of space due to some problems with the hall authorities I will be helping out/hindering Keith on his stand and talking about these rules. (Click on central picture for a quick slideshow)

The design for the campaign element of the August 1914 goes on afoot. I have been pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the rules we are putting together, yet they will generate interesting field battles. We are experimenting with upping the scale along with the ranges from the system used in the “To the Last Gaiter Button” rules. At the moment looking to use 500 men (½ battalion/base) or 12 guns as so many of the battles were multi-corps affairs. We will let you know how we move along next time.

Well they have had their meeting for the games we are offering for next year. Click on the logo to take you to the page. There is a cracking range of topics being covered: Alien Terror, Italy 1943, England 1940, Pre-Conquest Britain and City of Shadows about Gangsters & Weird Science. Brian and me are designing a Megagame on the French Revolutionary Wars with teams playing the great powers: France, Austria, Russia, England, Prussia, Turkey & Spain. As befits the global nature of the war we will cover not only Europe but the wider world. We will be running this twice: once in London and once in Leeds.


The design for the “Home Before the Leaves Fall” Campaign system is now largely complete. Quite a simple (we call it elegant!) system, but generates lots of interesting table-top battles and highlights some of the operational problems of the period.

Now moved onto the on-going design of the table-top rules. These have gone through a number of recent changes, not least the scale, as we are settling on 1:500 for the infantry, 1: 300 for sabres and 1:12 for guns. This makes the European Regiment of approx. 3,000 rifles or 6 bases as the basic combat unit. Players can still fight 1 corps on 1 corps on a 4-5 ft table or go up to a couple of corps a side on an 8-10 ft table.

By doing this it has removed a lot of the ranging problems of 1914 artillery as ground scale is now 10” to 2 km. This allows the approach march and reserves to be properly deployed to give a good visual effect. Click the picture for a recent corps on corps play-test.

On another Great War theme, Jon Casey of Megagame Makers, is running his Iron Dice Megagame on Saturday 20th September in London. It covers the autumn 1914 campaign in the west. There should be 60 players and umpires. Jon has designed an excellent campaign system with bags of period flavour. I hope to see some of you there? I will be umpiring the German High Command team. See the link for the game and other Megagames coming up in the next year if you have yet to experience such fascinating games.

Finally we need to thank all of you who have bought games in the last two months - these were our best period of sales ever!


The SELWG in October was excellent as ever. Gave us an excellent opportunity to portray “Home Before the Leaves Fall” battles in action. We did just two games as we were all talking too much with gamers!

The first battle had two German active corps facing two French corps. It really emphasised the nature that different corps had such varied experiences in any one day. On the German left the two corps pinned each other in place, preventing the French aiding their left which was overwhelmed in a ferocious attack. In the second game two British corps faced a German Reserve Corps and an Active Corps. Again brought out the weakness of the Reserve Corps in attack with their lack of artillery compared to an army with a high allotment of artillery. The Reserve Corps were held in place and it was only caution on behalf of the British that did not eject them from the battlefield. All excellent stuff and bodes well for our game at SALUTE next year.

In November there was another outing of Rob Cooper’s “Funeral Games”, his Megagame on the successors of Alexander the great. It was excellent with really good buzz amongst both new and veteran megagamers. Check out the Facebook page for pictures and details of upcoming games. One of these will be “A New Age Dawns” Brian Cameron’s and my game on the French Revolutionary Wars from 1794 to 1802 in Europe and beyond.


Well as another year draws to an end, all the guys at Realistic Modelling & Real Time Wargames, wish all you gamers out there a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

As it is the bicentenary of Waterloo next year, look out for WATERLOO 200 events on the web or Facebook. I was lucky enough to go to a cracking two day conference at my old alma mater, King’s College, London earlier this year as well as a Waterloo day of talks and film in Folkestone last month. We might even be in a position to reissue our “Eagles Last Flight” our game on the four battles in the Waterloo Campaign.

Keep gaming and painting and reading.

                         Bernie, Brian & Keith

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