August 2017

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The “Salute” show in London is looming. Having to rapidly paint some suitable scout planes for the game. Shapeways, the 3D Printing outfit offer some splendid models.

On the left a Bleriot XI, Centre a majestic Rumpler Taube and on the right a Martinsyde S.1

Will use them again for Spanish Civil War game I have been working on for a number of years. Suitable early/mid 1930's planes being at a premium in 10mm.

Sorry to report that as been tied up with the “A New Age Dawns” French Revolutionary Megagame for May that just not had the time to do more playtesting on the “Home Before the Leaves Fall” Campaign system, which means it will not be ready for sale at Salute.

Apologies to all our friends who were looking forward to the release of our latest set, The battlefield rules will however be on display at Salute so you can see how it all works on the table-top.


Well another year of wargames shows is about to begin again. The first of the year, the Tunbridge Wells Wargames show, on 22nd February helping/hindering Keith run his trade stand. Lovely show as good place to meet up with old faces and find out what everyone has been doing over the winter.

Lots of wargaming over the winter with games of Chain of Command, Crossfire, Fire & Fury, General-at-Sea as well as lots of our 10mm games! Even a game of one of our earliest games we designed “Blood & Sand” on the Soudan Wars towards the end of the month. I will put in a link for some pictures when I next update.

Finally Jim Wallman of Megagame Makers is now almost there with his largest game yet: “Watch the Skies 2: Global Conspiracy” of Alien Terror in the 2020s.


“New Age Dawns” Brian Cameron’s and my Megagame on the French Revolutionary Wars was held at Senate House in London in May.

Excellent time with the teams having their own internal game, while inter-reacting with their allies and enemies alike in seasonal turns that covered 1794 to 1802.

The game is being run again in Leeds ion 17th October at the Royal Armouries and equally looking forward to that event.

In June Jim Wallman also ran his fascinating what-if game of Operation SeaLion, the planned invasion of Britain in September 1940. It was touch and go until the Royal Navy, RAF and Army began to constrict and strangle the German landing zones and by the end they were on the point of surrender. Jim is running this again in Manchester at the end of June. So it will be a really good compare and contrast gaming event.

This means we can at last return to the completion of the now much delayed “Home Before the Leaves Fall” rules. I will be taking these on holiday with me in early July and hope to complete them then.

Finally Megagame Makers is now almost there with Jim’s largest game yet: “Watch the Skies 3” His third game of global conspiracy and alien terror set in the 2020s.


The biggest wargame event of the year was Megagame Makers “Watch The Skies 3” held at Caxton Hall in London in July. Over 300+ players and control gamed out the next phase of alien contact with humanity in the not too far distant future. Picture is of the human teams above. The Aliens were on the balcony and dotted around the venue.

It was big - it was made - and even though I was middle east control still have little idea what happened in the rest of the world.

A truly awesome gaming experience.


A busy couple of months….

Firstly there was “The City of Shadows” Megagame by Brian Cameron and Jim Wallman, which was based in Prohibition era America with a city plagued by crime and super-hero vigilantes and mad scientists (are there any other type of scientist?). There was also city police, the Feds, City Hall and a press team.

I played a slightly (well completely) corrupt judge who used as his judicial texts famous wargaming books. A hoot of a game!

This was followed by the Brighton Megagame of Watch the Skies the day after. Really good bunch of gamers who made for a very enjoyable day by the seaside!

A few weeks later up in Leeds Royal Armouries Brian and me had our second outing of the year for our game on the French Revolutionary Wars: “A New Age Dawns”. Even more players than the London outing and the venue was excellent. Pictured in the foreground is Dave Boundy who did such a wonderful job on our original maps

Click on the picture to link you to our Facebook Page for more pictures of the games!

Finally in October we had the SELWG Wargames show at Crystal Palace. We put on three battles using our “Blood & Sand” Wargames rules for the Soudan Wars. One of our earlier sets, it still felt very fresh and original as all the players are on the Anglo-Egyptian side while the Mahdists are controlled by a deck of cards. We did a battle from each period: A punitive Egyptian expedition that survived: just! A Camel Corps action from the time of the Gordon Relief Expedition that was successful and a late war Kitchener Retribution Army attacking Mahdists defending an armed camp. All fought within the day and still had time to browse and spend money at the excellent show!

Click on the picture for a slideshow of the three games

Also in October Dave Boundy reran his game on the 1921 Washington Conference which discussed naval matters and China. A brilliant game and for once without fighting, though it came pretty close so heated were the exchanges. Picture is off the debrief session showing some of the delegates and control.


The final Megagame of the year was Andrew Hadley’s “Come to a King” set in early 11th Century Western Europe. Murder and mayhem from Ireland to Scandinavia, double dealing was the order of the day. Frantic time was had by all.

Really good way to end the year’s Megagaming.

Had an excellent 10mm WWII game at Keith’s using Charles Grant revamped “Battle” Rules. I could kick myself but forgot to take my camera so no pics. Other good commercial games was the Napoleonic Wars set by Sam Mustafa “Blucher”. An impressive but simple system that allows you to fight Napoleonic battles rather than half a dozen units per side. He has also done an Ancient set called “Aurelius” which I am tempted to get, mainly on the grounds that most ancient sets leave me very cold and unsatisfied in their lack of context and feel for the period.

When it comes to the Real Time Rules we are still working on:

So as 2015 comes to an end, it is time to look forward to gaming in 2016!

Happy Gaming Everyone!

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