August 2017

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Easter saw we hospitalised for the first time in my life - an experience I hope I will not have to repeat.

I now know the effects of sleep deprivation and living in a establishment that would make Franz Kafka blush.

The only benefit for me was that being bed bound that I could press on with my Megagame on 1866 Austro-Prussian War “1866 And All That”. Take-up has been so large that instead of a 50 player game, we have decided to run two 50-games in parallel on the same day. It will be a struggle for control and myself but do not want to turn away our ever growing Megagame community.

This does however mean two sets of maps, two sets of games counters and two control teams. See the link below for the three game maps Dave Boundy has designed with help/hindrance from me. They cover Bohemia, Western Germany and Italy.

I have also written a couple of articles on the characteristics of the war - The Conduct of War and one on the response of the Great Powers to the War - War & Politics.


Returning to work and playing catch up with 1,800 emails and numerous tasks that I had not completed competed with final preparations with my “1866 And All That” Megagame.

To the left The Austrians and Italians slug it our in a bloody battle in Lombardy. The results were quite different in the two games in one Archduke Albert dealt an even heavier defeat than he did historically at Custozza. At the other honours were far more even.

To the right the main hall with the two Bohemia and two Western Germany Maps used for the two games. The fighting was to be bloody in both theatres with in both cases the Austrian Allies putting up a far better fight than they did historically. Bohemia was to see the bloodiest fighting with the Prussians eventually victorious after 5 weeks/turns of fighting.

More pictures can be found at the following Facebook location:


Well the start of the year was also the time when Keith decided to hang up his apron and put aside his flocking machine!

His brilliant wife, Lesley, grand children and reality can now have him back!

The final show of Realistic Modelling was Cavalier 2016 in Tonbridge and Ray (left his chief elf) and myself will both be sorry to see the end of the wonderful journey Keith has made making wonderful realistic terrain for gamers of all scales.

He is still painting and wargaming and will hopefully complete some of the many projects he has started but never Quite completed - 28mm Lord of the Rings, 10mm Sung Chinese and Mongols, 10mm Franco-Prussian War, 10mm Boer War, 28mm Dark Ages, 1/3000 Jutland etc etc.

Keith and myself developed the novel “By Jingo” Boer War rules decade or so ago purely from the perspective of the Boer Commanders with the Imperial forces deployed and commanded by a random set of cards. We might at last have the opportunity to finish the second set of Boer War rules on the later war.

In this the players begin start out as the Boer Kommando leaders with just a few hundred men being hunted down by vast numbers of static and mobile columns of Imperial forces. Players get victories for raids, inflicting casualties and generally being a nuisance …. But they can at any point become “hands-uppers” and cash in their points, then becoming a British player leading columns and hunting down the remaining “bitter-enders”  The skirmishes should be payable in an hour and then the game progresses back to the campaign system. It will allow to complete his blockhouses and railway lines which he has had since the last century!!!


With Megagames out of my blood stream for a year I was able to return to “proper” wargaming. The project to hand being the Condottieri wars of late Fifteenth Century Italy. Gareth Evans was keen on writing his first set of rules for Real Time: “The Art of Warfare” which we wanted to trial at the SELWG Wargame show in October.

He had lots of figures from the old Warmaster range, but wanted to add many more bases to give the mass effect of 10mm. Luckily Pendraken and Magister Milletum have both been releasing useful figures for this period for the past few years. That is with the notable exception of suitable mounted arquebusiers!

With the guidance of Keith and years of painting 10mm figures we approached the task as follows:

1. Stick the figures to the base- thus you will only paint what you can see rather than the detail underneath

2. After white spray I do a wash of burnt umber - not as harsh as black in the areas you are not painting or white which will be seen

3. Block paint - they are 10mm not super detailed 30mm requiring layer painting etc. You can use lighter colours because nos 4 will darken the result

4. Brush on Army Painter to provide quick shading rather than dry brush. Quick and consistent for people like me who are not good painters!

5. Go to town on the bases - mixing flocks, dust, gravel etc. In many ways you see the bases more than the figures

6. As this is Renaissance do lots of flags to add colour to the army as most units would have lots of flags

7. Finally spray a Matt varnish to tone down the flocking which can often be to shiny


Painting was been going on at a cracking pace by both Gareth and me for the SELWG show. It has allowed us to meet up and refine the rules as well.

Below are pictures from a large 8,000 a side battle using terrain boards

Below are pictures from some of the battles we did at SELWG using a cloth


The outing of Gareth’s “Art of War” went very well - lots of good responses to his approach to doing the battles. Many were amazed we could do three battles in a day. But that is the beauty of having the intentions of the commanders being gamed rather than a slow shuffle forward. The actions were fast and furious with lots of manoeuvring of the gendarmes and the lights. Use of terrain and stratagem cards gave the battles a good flavour to them. Gareth is now sourcing a professional print firm which will certainly ease production as copying companies become more and more expensive

Next year I have also offered to do a rerun of my Megagame on the Russian Civil War in October. So am rereading works on the civil war at the moment and have begun the design and scope of the game.

We wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and New Year

Happy Gaming One & All!

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