August 2017

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Wargame Rules for Corps Level Battles

on the Western Front

The game covers the trench war on the Western Front from 1915 to 1918 from the viewpoint of the many British offensives that took place. The British team of 1 corps commander and from 2 to 5 divisional commanders select their plan of attack in a pre-game sequence of defining the frontage of attack and how to use the available artillery assets as well as gas and mines. The Germans options are largely defined by their doctrine of counter-attack and availability of reinforcements and are done by the players themselves.  

Depending on the success or failure of the attack players may be sacked and a divisional commander might leapfrog to becoming the new corps commander!

Scope: Included in the pack is a set of corps level rules with a campaign system to fight the war on the Western Front from Spring 1915 to Autumn 1918. There is also a system for fighting one-off battles at six periods in the war.

Book: It consists of a 35 page Ring bound rules with colour cover with b&w content. There is a two-page playsheet, which is also the back cover.

Game Aids: 2 A4 colour sheet of Honour Points,5 x A3 British Division Table of Organisation, 1x A3 French Table of Organisation, 1 A4 sheet of Zone Markers, 1 A4 sheet of Campaign Cards (choose one for one-off games and use sequence for whole war), 1 2-sides Battle Set-Up & Victory Card.



Base Size



25 x 15 mm

Company of 200-250 bayonets


25 x 20 mm

Squadron of 100-150 sabres


30 x 40 mm

Battery of 4 - 6 guns


30 x 40 to 50 mm

4 Tanks

British Brigade of 4 battalions, each of 4 companies. Heavy weapons coys of HMGs & mortars to the rear. At the back 4 batteries and 2 Heavy Batteries

British Cavalry Brigade of 4 regiments. At the back 4 more batteries and the Corps CO in his staff car.

German regiment of 3 battalions plus support on the left. Stormtroopers on the front right and 4 battalions worth of artillery.

British Tanks.

Squadron of Whippets at the front and

2 MkIV Heavy coys at the back.

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