August 2017

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Divisional Level ACW Battles

The game covers the brilliant campaign that “Stonewall” Jackson carried out in the Shenandoah Valley in 1862 that so compromised the Union plan to defeat the South in 1862. While the battles were relatively small, thus making them perfect for wargaming the period, they were frequently fascinating affairs.

The Union players can request reinforcements, train their troops, visit Washington and politick. They may even want to advance down the valley in the hope of engaging the Rebels! Depending on how well they do the campaign in the Peninsular might result in the fall of Richmond or the defeat of McClellan.

Scope: The game combines  a set of stand alone divisional level battlefield  rules with a campaign system to fight the valley campaign. The campaign system can play with two to six Union players, while the unpredictable Jackson is controlled by dice. The battlefield rules use key locations to define movement and where combat takes place, emphasise the importance of reserves, rearguards and when to withdraw if necessary. This makes for an enthralling game with many decisions.

Book:  50 page ring bound rules with colour cover with b&w content. There is a two-page playsheet (one for the Campaign System one for the Battlefield), which is also the back cover.  

Game Aids: Four A4 colour maps of the Shenandoah Valley, A4 Sheet of Coloured Counters, A3 Points Chart, A3 Union Table of Organisation, A3 Losses Table, Three A4 “Playing the Tables” Charts, Four A4 Sheets of Game Money.


Base Size



30 x 20 mm

100 men


30 mm circular base

50 men

Dismounted Cavalry

30 mm circular base

100 men


30 x 30 mm

2 guns

Union Brigade attempt to take a Rebel held hill

Union brigade commander

Rebel Battery: Mixed smoothbore & rifles

Rebel reserves coming up

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