August 2017

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Paris The City of Light


Wargame Rules for the Imperial Phase of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71

The game covers the opening phase of the Franco-Prussian War from mid-July to end of September. The mobilisation of the armies are key as the French are far more ready for war, though in fact not down to the last gaiter button. The onus is on the Confederation to advance into France and for the French to assume "positions magnifique".

Depending upon the battlefield results the Diplomatic Chart will influence the political stance of Austria, Denmark, Italy and the South German States. If the French suffer serious reverses the Empire might fall and at first a Council of Regency and then a Government of National Defence might be formed.

Scope: Included in the pack is a set of corps and army level figure rules with a full colour Campaign system to fight the war. Thus your battles will have a context of when and why they were fought. There is also a system for fighting one-off battles.

Book: It consists of a 58 page Ring bound rules with colour cover with b&w content. There is a two-page playsheet (one for the Campaign System one for the Battlefield), which is also the back cover.

Game Aids: 2 A3 colour maps of Eastern France, 1 page coloured campaign counters, French Order of Battle Sheet, Confederation Order of Battle Sheet, French Battlefield Display, Confederation Display, French Battlefield Morale Chart, Confederation Battlefield Morale Chart, Campaign Calendar & Battle Clock Sheet, Diplomatic Display Board & Orders of March Sheet.



Base Size



30 x 20 mm

250 bayonets


30 x 30 mm

125-150 Sabres


30 x 30 mm

Battery of 6 - 8 guns


30 mm circular base

125-150 Jaegers or Chasseurs

Battalion of the French Grenadiers of the Guard

Splendid figures from the new range of FPW by Pendraken Miniatures

Carabiniers of the Guard.  One of the finest packs  we have ever seen in 10 mm

French Infantry assault a Bavarian held village

French Cuirassier Regiment

These elite regiments would be hurled at the Prussians leading to their frequent destruction.

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