August 2017

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Campaign & Wargame Rules for

the Seven Week’s War of 1866

The game covers the Austro-Prussian War including the West German and Italian theatres. The onus is on the Prussian’s and their allies to advance against the Austrian allies in west Germany as well as cross into Bohemia and seek a decisive victory.

Depending on the campaign results the Diplomatic Chart will influence the political stance of Britain, Russia, France and Denmark. It can also affect the deployment of Prussian Landwehr, and a possible local armistice in the German States or Italy. Thus you cannot ignore the political dimension of the conflict. The campaign will therefore result in a number of battles with a context.

Scope: Included in the pack is a set of corps and army level figure rules with a full colour Campaign system to fight the war. Thus your battles will have a context of when and why they were fought. There is also a system for fighting one-off battles.

Book: It consists of a 60 page Ring bound rules with colour cover with b&w content. There is a two-page playsheet (one for the Campaign System one for the Battlefield), which is also the back cover.

Game Aids: Four A3 colour maps (two for each side with one Bohemia and one for Germany & Italy, A4 page of coloured campaign counters, Austro-German Order of Battle & Battlefield Sheets, Italo-Prussian Order of Battle & Battlefield Sheets, A3 Campaign Calendar & Battle Clock Sheet, A3 Diplomatic Display, three sheets of Fate Cards, Battlefield Design Sheet & two A4 Orders of March Sheets.



Base Size



30 x 20 mm

250 bayonets


30 x 30 mm

125-150 Sabres


30 x 30 mm

Battery of 6 - 8 guns


30 mm circular base

125-150 Jaegers or Chasseurs

Hanoverian Brigade with attached Jaegers and Cavalry Regiment. This war was the last outing of an independent Hanoverian army

A bit of panache  -  Austrian Heavies and Lancers advancing

Austrian Attack

Nassau Brigade that formed part of the monstrous Federal Corps. After all the blue and white of the other participants it was nice painting something in green!

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