August 2017

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Wargame Rules for

the American War of Independence

The War for the American Colonies are a fascinating mix of political and military interaction. The strategy of the war is randomised by the orders the British receive each fall, such as Cut-Off New England, Southern Expedition, Occupy coastal locations etc. Thus the frustration of a constantly changing strategic policy with ever fewer troops and a rising French intervention makes for a very challenging campaign system. It is not easy for the Americans either as they have to commit a lot of their operational activity raising troops, collecting supplies and trying to rid themselves of their more incompetent generals. The battlefield rules have a battlefield generator system depending upon where the battle is fought and has a novel non-tape measure means of showing movement to the key battlefield locations.

Scope: The game combines  a set of battlefield  rules with a campaign system to fight the war. The battles have two scales: Tactical Scale where there are under 10,000 involved & Grand Scale where there are over that number. There is also a system for generating one-off battles if you do not want to use the campaign system.

Book:  51 page ring bound rules with colour cover with b&w content. There is a two-page playsheet, which is also the back cover.

Game Aids: Two A3 colour maps (one for Northern Theatre, one for South), A4 page of coloured campaign counters, two Army Strength Tables (one for each side), Victory Table, Operational Table (tables showing how operational points are spent, American Recruitment, French intervention etc), three sheets of Fate Cards & 1 A4 sheet to show table-top losses and army breakpoint. A4 colour campaign sheets, showing prestige points, number of battles fought and status of leaders. There are 3 A4 card sheets of the various strategy cards used in the battles.


Base Size






25 x 20 mm

25 men

100 men


25 x 30 mm

12 men

50 men


60 x  20 mm

25 men

100 men


20-30 x 20-30 mm

1 gun                   

4 guns

Two American Militia units - the flags denote morale (more flags the poorer the unit), the officers denote combat effectiveness (movement and combat)

Woods, Rough ground, roads, fields, marsh are used to denote routes between key terrain features

British Light Dragoons - the battles rarely had cavalry, which is a shame, because the AWI Pendraken cavalry are some of the best we have seen.

A lively firefight over a small village.

(Smoke markers are used to show ongoing firefights)

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